For the past term we have been making clay mation movies (out of clay)

They are just stop motion movies except they are made of clay.

First we had to plane out our movie
Β Β Β Β  (I know you can’t really hear it.)


We first started by writing a script then making a storyboard.

A storyboard is a row of pictures in what we wont our movie to look like



We had lot s of fun making the characters with clay

the clay we used is called plasticine its does not set so they can still move after a few days

We used tools to shape the faces and clothes



During the filming we had to use this tool to reflect the face cam on the lap top straight



Dubious Facts About Basketball

Fact One

Basketball first started when medieval executioner

started throwing the head straight onto the pike in 1614.

Head on a pike from here

Fact Two

Back in the year 1802Basketball players were in a full suit

of armor and were armed with a blade to stop crowed violence.

The sword was taken away to years later because50% of the

crowed died in every match

Person getting stabbed image from here

Fact Three

The first real basketball was invented in 1870. The shape a the ball was

flat on each side like a octagon. It lasted 5 games.

Pic from here

Fact Four

The first basketball court was made of hey and grass and the

ball was never bounced from 1467-1894.

Pic from here


Fact Five

The worlds first basketball player murdered 12 of the enemy

teams in one night

Ninja pic from hereΒ 

Richie Came For A Battle

When Richie McCaw landed we all looked in SHOCK,
Mr Richie McCaw stood on a pile of beef STOCK!

He took off his boots and went inside,
I guess this is what happens when Puke And Richie COLLIDE!

We went to the field where a titanic tug-of-war battle ensued,
But Pukeokahu settles the feud.
We made Richie YIELD!

So the winner was not hard to to decide,
I guess this is happens when Richie and Puke COLLIDE!

After all our battles Richie had to flee,
But in his helicopter wonders a bee.
They took off sadly,
But somehow I know they got stung badly.



Our School Fair!

I school need to earn some money to give it to the westpac chopper.

We all sat down to together and wrote out ideas on a white board it looked a bit like this





Hourse rides.




Belive me the list goes on.

We settled on a few things and then we got started.

Our list was like this.


Stalls ↓






Hourse rides,

Sausage Sizzile,

Pinecone sale

And raffles.

Now that we got what we want to do we better get started.

The making begins. πŸ˜‰




Now we got all that sorted time to get started for the party plan

We invited people from all over tow to come to our fair.

Heres how the fair went down

Poney rides!

More poney rides

Ok….. I dont think we got any photos of the real event…

But i can still tell you about it

There were signs everywhere, stalls around court, heavenly food πŸ˜€ And facepaint and stuff like that.

My favourite part of the day was the raffles.

There were 4 raffles The lolly jar (Guess how much lollies are in the jar)

Boys raffles

Girls raffle

And cream pie the teacher raffle (I got 14/50 tickets on that one) πŸ˜‰

At the end of the day we drawed out the raffle.

I didnt really pay attention for the first few all I wanted was to cream pie the principal


I have a movie of me doing it but it dont have it yet.

Keep tuned on my blog to see it

Oh well, this is the end of my post C’ya


Pablo Picasso Style

Who is Picasso?

Well… Picasso is a great artist who was against painting everthing perfect and how its meant to work. Even though he was a great artist he wanted to be different. He made his own style of art where nothing was perfect.

Picasso is also one of the creators of cubist style art which you can see below.

Picasso’s art ↓

I wanted to try his style of art and here’s how it went

My art ↓

So I guess I can’t beat the master at that.

Everyone in the school did one to. ↓

Yeah I know small school right?

I only wish I could paint like Picasso.

This is the end of my post C’ya later.

Science Investigation Proposal

Hypothesis: Apples faster grow mould faster than other fruits.

You will need: An apple, thre more fruits of your choice, dark room, camera (optional), note book and a pencil


1) Get a dark room. Layout the plastic wrap place the apple and the other three fruits on the wrap (make sure there is no sun light and they all get the same amount of air)

2) Leave them there for a week and a half. Take notes a everyday and photos (photos optional)

3) When you reach the final conclution write down the notes on a chart and prove what one has grown mould the fastest

4) Find different fruits to do the test. keep track of how the apple went.

This should be a fair test if all the items are in the same room, same amount of air, same amount of space and distance.

Blah blah

Mold Growth

Once again this is a science post but I think you guessed that already.

OOH, Eww, Yuck, OMG. Are probably just some of the things your thinking right now but before you judge me for a loony you might wont to read this ↓

For this science investigation is all about, you guessed it MOULD!!

Whats going on:

The spores Have spread onto the fruit and are now growing mould.

As the time goes by the more the mould eats.

The mould can be all different colours and also can be different shapes.

Mould is not a animal or a plant. Plants spread by seeds and animals breed. mould spreads.

Comment me more info on mould! πŸ˜€
Also comment how the mould didn’t effect the fries.

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