Internet Savvy

A nasty picture appears on your screen, what do you do?…  I will quickly take the pic off the screen and find out where it came from if  can, I will also shut down the internet and reboot just in case 😉

Someone you have chatted with asks you to meet them, what do you do?… I’ll say no thank you and report the user who asked me (never happened to me before)

Do you know how to make a screenshot in case you have to have proof of cyberbullying etc? Yes (never happened to me)

And I think the only time you should need to put you last name on the internet is when your over 16 and put photos on when your over 10 but be supervised

I did this for Miss W

One thought on “Internet Savvy

  1. Don’t forget Jonny, at all times tell your parents or your teacher if you find something that you do not like and are worried about. At school, I can block inappropriate sites using our Watch Dog programme. From what you have written above, it sounds like you are becoming very internet savvy!

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