Wind Poem


Gales are coming

As it blows down trees

Laying low as it climbs over mountains

Every morning watch out gales are coming to town


My face is cold

I feel relaxed

Stand up straight

To feel the soft braes

Ready to fall asleep

Amongst the mistral winds

Lovely mistral winds

Crazy Poem

Tie tie up a fly

flew flew into a pile of glue

go to bed before your dead

chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle doo!!

time time for a dime

head head with the dead

go to the den or else steven

chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle doo!!

what what this iis ust my scwat

hey hey im in the hay

go to the zoo wile im doing a poo

chiddlewaddle  diddlewaddle doo!!

monkey monkey cool its really funky

mug mug its to heavy to tug

go to mars to get chocolate bars

chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle

chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle

chiddlewaddle diddlewadle dooooooo!!